South Beach Condominium Open House Displays

Click on the links below to access the Preliminary Site Plans, Landscape Plans, 3D Views and Servicing Plans that were on display at the August 24th, 2011 Open House.


– Preliminary Site Plan

– Coloured Site Plan

– Preliminary Landscape Plan

– Shoreline Protection Plan

– Toad Habitat Landscape Plan

– North Elevation View

– South Elevation View

– Shoreline Cross Section No. 1

– Shoreline Cross Section No. 2



– 3D View No. 1

– 3D View No. 2

– 3D View No. 3



– Site Servicing Plan No. 1

– Site Servicing Plan No. 2

– Site Servicing Plan No. 3

– Site Servicing Plan No. 4




14 thoughts on “South Beach Condominium Open House Displays

    1. Town of Fort Erie

      We have checked the link and it appears to be okay. We checked this against remote as well as local computers with various browsers. Try clearing your cache to ensure it was not a bad download.

  1. Mike Insalaco

    I was able to access the above referenced document no problem. Thanks for posting these documents. Great Blog, I will have some questions after reviewing.

  2. Mike Cloutier

    Still blank. It shows up as a 516k document, but it’s blank. It is the only document with a problem. Info shows it as pdf version 1.6, 34×22 inches. The other documents are pdf versions 1.4 and 1.5. Perhaps you could ratchet down the version when you distill it as that appears to be the anomaly.

  3. Derek Crane

    3D view 1, Where is the house right next store to this monstrosity that is going to be dwarfed by this project? How would you like it right beside your house? What about the 4 wards out of 6 that voted for councilors against this type of development, does that not say anything to our Mayor and town staff. Why are we giving away beach front property to a private developer for his own profit? Why can’t all of the publicly owned lands of Bay Beach be designated parkland for all to enjoy for ever? How many more is the town of Fort Erie planning to build in the long run, is this the only one to be ever built in Crystal Beach?

  4. Rick Brady

    The Town of Fort Erie has a policy that tries to add to the amount of beach front lands that are open to the public. While there are no applications to provide any further redevelopment of the shoreline at this time, if there are applications in the future one of the issues that will need to be addressed is the need to give to the Town lands which are currently privately held as beach areas for the public. The current policy is to expand the amount of public beach and one method is to request these lands as a condition of redevelopment.

  5. Scott Lamb

    Thank you for posting this. While I support development, I believe stacked townhouses or something not completely out of scale is the appropriate choice. If this development proceeds I hope it will not set a precedent for “condoland”. I have seen many sad stretches of lifeless “condoland” in the United States. I contrast that to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and other more appropriate development models. Perhaps you can look these better models. They are beautiful places not marred by concrete towers and embankments.

  6. James Snow

    Kudos to the Town for presenting this information. Finally a place where the citizens can share information. I am for the project but understand that locals are concerned. Some of the issues however seem, in my opinion, to be driven by conspiracy theorists. People are asking about groundwater studies, shade studies etc. Of course these have been done and analyzed. Do people really think that a large developer and all the engineering firms would fudge the data. Folks it’s their reputation. That’s all the have, why would they put it on the line? Some also think that council and/or staff sit in closed offices trying to change info from these reports. Doesn’t happen. Let’s discuss this as a long term way to stimulate growth in Fort Erie, particularly Crystal Beach. I hope that people sitting on the fence realize that much of the info they are getting are rumors based on someones imagination. Lets get on with it!

  7. Peter Koutroulakis

    I sat through the OMB Hearing at Bay Beach and was surprised to see how many case files of evidence were brought into the Council Chambers by the TOFE and Developer’s lawyers. Precedents with facts backed up historical evidence, were overwhelming and clearly showed that this type of development is common place. The opposition’s lawyer had one briefcase and a couple files brought in occassionally.
    The lawyers on both sides of the issue were well versed and if you were present to hear for yourself the overwhelming factual evidence, you came away satified that this plan is well thought out and responsible planning. The report when made public, clearly deemed this plan approved and satified most critics.
    In my opinion, if anyone would dispute the obvious only results in alot time and money wasted.
    For the record, my curiousity brought me to the OMB and my confidence in the majority of residents in Greater Fort Erie concludes my full support for this approved plan.
    In conclusion, for those that live adjacent to a former condo site/present parking lot/proposed condo, what was there first? As I recall, the condo site was there first and still remains adjacent to those that chose to purchase near it.

  8. Greg Bonito

    Sad but it is about a small group who just don’t want this developement and are spreading misinformation to gain support for their cause. The truth is this developement passes the kick the tire test. In fact. it more than passes it and it is time to move on. We have a great developer here.

  9. Joan Aylett

    Same message as I posted on Facebook today. 09/09/2011
    I really miss Crystal Beach and the amusement park. I lived on Derby, on Conway and on Elmwood. I felt like I used to live in the Penny Arcade and it was nice way back when you could walk thru the park without a fee. Once they started charging to enter it just wasn’t the same. My Dad & I finally sold our house last year on Elmwood after 40 years. My parents had the intention of spending long summers up there for the rest of their lives until my mom passed away. I personally don’t believe the beach needs a 12 “TWELVE” story building on the south (BEACH) side of Erie with a trade off by giving away public property in return for what??? Surface rights only to a pavillion, a podium, a restroom and an access walkway to the beach. Oh and let’s not forget the Fowler’s toad roped off area. And watch out for imaginary shadows on the beach… Does anyone really think any of the year round locals will be buying any of these 87 units??? Oh, maybe a few will depending on the price. Do we know what the prices will be or even what the monthly maitenance fees will be?? I don’t think any of the locals are against development, but come on everyone, Crystal Beach doesn’t need a 12 story building, why not 2.5 and on the north side of Erie??? I believe one of the brothers already bought up the 2 parking lots on the north side of Erie in anticipation of this building going up. I personally would like the boardwalk and vendor ideas to bring many businesses and tourists to the beach and not just 1 oversized condo that is not conducive to the beach or the locals. Whether anyone accepts it or not, this town is year round not just Memorial Day to Labor Day. Like I said, I really miss CRYSTAL BEACH!

    1. Richard F. Brady Post author

      Hi Joan, we appreciate you contributing to the blog.
      I would like to provide a little clarity on two issues recently raised. There have been no publicly owned lands used as parking lots that have been sold to the devlopment group. They have bought one of the private lots, however this is not connected to the Bay Beach development. The condominiums are being built as 12 month a year housing and not only cottage housing. It is anticipated that they will add year round residents to Crystal Beach.

      Richard F. Brady
      Director of Community & Development Services
      Town of Fort Erie

  10. L Fenwick