Open House Presentations

These are the recorded video presentations from the Open House for the South Beach Condominium Site Plan held on August 24th, 2011 in the Council Chambers at the Town Hall. Click on the name of the individual to see their presentation.

Richard F. Brady, MA, MCIP, RPP
Edward J. Fothergill, MCP, RPP
Haig Safarian, OALA, ASLA, CSLA, CLD, LO

4 thoughts on “Open House Presentations

  1. David Dimberio

    I want to thank town staff and all the presenters at last nights open house. I found it informative and presented in a professional manner. I walked away feeling confident that the beach will be a much better place to visit and something that all of Fort Erie will proud of. PS: We can use a development like this at the North End of town too!

  2. L Fenwick

    Bay Beach Land, is it not in a flood plane zone? Also i think that soil test should be done in any area prior to construction. Check back a few years and see what happened whn the Crystal Beach Water filtration plant was built you should find it very interesting?

  3. Peter Koutroulakis

    I was always curious about building structures close to the water’s edge also. The CBTYC also known as the “Gated Community” on Erie Rd. has several homes built near the water’s edge and all have full basements. I have visited many of these homes as a curious observer and the engineering of these homes are relative and “speced” to their environments. Two homes in particular I visited this past Spring are right on the break-wall where the Comet Rollercoaster once stood. Their basements are completely finished and are used for extra living space with full baths, bedrooms and family rooms. Both were void of any water or smell of water and were built over 10 years ago.(The owners of these homes are personal friends of mine)
    I also spoke to the developer of the new proposed plan at Bay Beach and researched their experience and found no reason to question their ability in their efforts at present.
    I am very thorough with my fact finding and appreciate public comments that back their statements.