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6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Greg Bonito

    I just want to commend you for the open house. It was a great informative event that I learned even more from despite the out busrts from the anti condo people.

  2. Redbulldiaries.ca

    Yes, I agree with Greg, the Town should be commended for its efforts to bring to fruition the Open House. It decidedly proved and dispelled a lot of the misrepresentations made. The fact that no beach is to be lost, well except the portions for the Fowler Toad which had to be wonderful for those against the Development as they were so concerened for the poor little toads. Now thanks to FEWPA, the toads will be safe and I am sure the FEWPA people will not mind that their efforts did cause public beach to be lost.

    Over all, a wonderful presentation.

  3. Sandra McCarthy

    Niagara Region Public Health monitors the status of area beaches. Their website posts which beaches are open, posted as unsafe for swimming or closed. FACT: Every time there is rain, Crystal Beach is posted as unsafe for swimming. Imagine the impact on sewer infrastructure, and therefore the safety of Crystal Beach for swimming, with the addition of the 87 condo units.

    1. Richard F. Brady

      Hi Sandra, thank you for taking the time to view the Fort Erie Blog.

      Historically, there has been NO direct correlation between rainfall events and the posting of Crystal Beach by the Region’s Public Health unit. With the exception of 2011, Crystal Beach is rarely posted during summer regardless of rainfall experienced. The posting of beaches on Lake Erie is most profoundly effected by the prevailing spring and summer temperatures, the average lake levels and the prevailing wind patterns. 2011 has seen the most frequent postings for all Lake Erie beaches due to these factors. With respect to any impact on the sanitary sewer system, the Region of Niagara recently completed capital upgrades at the Crystal Beach Sewage Treatment Plant associated with process improvements and system renewal. The Crystal Beach Sewage Treatment Plant Is currently operating at approximately 64% of its rated capacity. There are no capacity limitations associated with the collections sewers from the development site to the treatment plant.

      In addition, the existing site including all parking lots currently has no provisions for storm water management. The design as proposed through this gateway development includes both quantity and quality control of the storm run-off from the parking lots. This ultimately achieves improved lake water quality.

      Richard F. Brady, Director of Community & Development Services

  4. Sarah James

    Wow, another gong show at council last night. Democracy and freedom of speech are great things but sometimes you have to wonder if there is a better way. There are members of our community who continue to hijack meetings with their negative sentiment. How can anything get done when the council, and the rest of the tax payers in Fort Erie, have to constantly deal with a small minority of over opinionated, inflexible people. Please, lets get on with some progress in this Town. What have the current council actually achieved in the year since they were elected…..and how much money have they spent doing it?