Light House Restoration Update

Restoration work on the lighthouse has passed the half-way point.  Forming for the placement of new concrete is well under way,  to be followed by the window installation and a final coat of paint.  The scaffolding is scheduled to start coming down within a month revealing the finished product. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

You can see pictures of the restoration work  here

3 thoughts on “Light House Restoration Update

  1. James Mullin

    Great idea the blog is. Where’s the categories, stories and links for the Canadian Motor Speedway Project? I can provide information and links if you like. I’m thinking it’s a pretty big deal for this dead town and should be blogworthy. Thanks!

  2. Meg

    The Point Abino Lightstation Preservation Association volunteers run the tours starting in June through to September. I don’t think the Town has determined the tour dates yet. Phone 905 871 1600 ext. 2431 to book ahead.
    Site visits to pedistrians, bicycles and motorized handicap scooters are allowed with permission at the gate during the summer months.
    The lighthouse is in a Classical Revival style, a very unique landmark in Canada.

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