Superior Court dismisses Bay Beach Appeal

The Superior Court has dismissed a motion brought by the Fort Erie Waterfront Preservation Association (FEWPA) to have the zoning of the Bay Beach Condominium be referred to the Provincial Courts for review. Simply put, the zoning that permits the condominium to be built is now final. There can be no further legal actions against the OMB decision. For more information please click this link: MEDIA RELEASE

Richard F. Brady

Director of Community & Development Services

Town of Fort Erie

2 thoughts on “Superior Court dismisses Bay Beach Appeal

  1. Janice Simpson

    This is amazing news and I’m sure it’s only the beginning of rulings in favour of moving the project forward. Come on people, don’t let a small minority who oppose this project speak for the majority that due. Let’s get this done and move on to the next good news development…the car race track!

  2. David Dimberio

    This is good new for the entire Town Of Fort Erie. I was sitting at a BIA roundtable discussion the other day and both the Ridgeway BIA and the Crystal Beach BIA were saying on how the town needs to come together as one…This is a great start!

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