Confusion over zoning by-law 26-10 (Bay Beach) Addressed by the Ontario Municipal Board

There was some confusion at last nights meeting regarding Zoning  By-law 26-10. A delegate alleged that the by-law,  which included modifications to the condominium setbacks and added holding provisions, had not been approved by the Ontario Municipal Board.

Unfortunately persons communicating with the Board had received some erroneous information from the Board to that effect. This matter was addressed with the Board today and the Board planner has issued an e-mail correcting the error.  The Board has confirmed that the attached version of By-law 26-10 is in fact the By-law approved by the Board on January 28, 2011.

By-Law 26-10

4 thoughts on “Confusion over zoning by-law 26-10 (Bay Beach) Addressed by the Ontario Municipal Board

  1. Schultzy®

    Funny isn’ it that Mr Lubberts gets all wound up at the meeting last night and all for naught.
    Wrong again Mr. Lubberts, wrong again.

  2. James Snow

    The constant bickering at council meetings over Bay Beach has to stop. Here is yet another arrow (albeit bent and cracked) taken out of the anti bay beach Councillors quiver and fired at staff and the majority of citizens that want this to move forward.. Like all the other shots it missed the target. Is any other work being done by these four Councillors? How about the light house? $1.4 million and it was hardly discussed. Our Town is going down hill fast.

  3. Peter Koutroulakis

    Our town is no different than many others.
    It has high unemployment and has far too many residents living on or below the “poverty line”.
    When and if this present formulation of Fort Erie Town Council take the necessary steps to secure some hope for the most vulnerable in our proud community, I and many of us will continue to protest the very people that dismiss the obvious!
    The ship sailed on Bay Beach!
    Most of us got on that ship and sailed away for the future of our town!

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