Live Audio Stream of Council Meetings starting on Monday Night (Dec 5)

Fort Erie Live StreamWe will be streaming Monday’s council meeting live over the internet. For the past couple months we have been recording the council meetings and posting them on the minutes page of our web site. Many of you wrote about a “hum” in the recording that was driving you crazy! Thanks to two local audio pros, who volunteered their time, the hum seems to be under control. So, it’s time to test this live!

We’ll start the broadcast at 5:55 on Monday night. Feel free to contact me during the meeting if there is an issue. I’ll monitor my email and the Town’s facebook site. Your input on this new service will help us understand whether to pursue live broadcasts further in 2012, possibly with video.

To listen in, go to the Town’s Minutes page

Kelly Davis

7 thoughts on “Live Audio Stream of Council Meetings starting on Monday Night (Dec 5)

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Hi Greg, I hope you got the email I sent you last night. The audio was not active due to the power failure at Town Hall. We had to move the meeting into a conference room that does not have the equipment to facilitate live broadcasting. Kelly Davis

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Hi Sarah. It’s up there now. We try to have it posted by 1:00pm the day following the meeting. There are times when it takes a little longer due to other commitments. Thanks for contacting us and we’re glad you’re tuning in. Kelly Davis

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