Garrison Road Sanitary Sewer Project Update

The completion of the new Frenchman’s Creek Trunk Sanitary Sewer project by the Region has allowed the Town to proceed with a new sanitary sewer along Garrison Road from the unopen Alliston Ave road allowance to Green Acres Drive. This new sewer will intercept flows presently going to the Dominion Road pumping station, which occasionally exceeds capacity during wet weather events and as well the new sewer will allow the lands north of Garrison Road to be developed.  The project has a tendered cost of approximately 5 million dollars and was awarded to V. Gibbons Excavating Ltd.  The Town had allowed for the construction to take 8 month which would take us to the end of June. The contractor is presently ahead of schedule and we feel they will be done by the end of May.



Tom Kuchyt, C.E.T.
Manager of Engineering


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