Notice of Regional Public Open House

Proposed Regional Policy Plan Amendment (RPPA 1-2012) 

Niagara’s Economic Gateway Zone and Centre

Thursday March 29, 2012  / 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. / Fort Erie Town Hall Atrium

Purpose of the Open House:

The purpose of this Public Open House is to present the proposed Regional Policy Plan Amendment RPPA 1-2012: Niagara’s Economic Gateway Zone and Centre and to receive comments and answer questions from the public regarding the proposed Amendment.

What is the Purpose and Effect of the Proposed Amendment to the Region’s Policy Plan?

The Region’s Growth Management Strategy, Niagara 2031 includes policies which implement the Provincial Growth Plan’s Economic Gateway Zone and Centre designations. RPPA 1-2012, Niagara’s Economic Gateway Zone and Centre Amendment provides strategic direction for the development of employment lands within the Gateway and outlines a land use strategy to support economic development and job creation in these areas.

Niagara Region has prepared draft policies and mapping for RPPA 1-2012 which can be viewed at Niagara Region would like to obtain your views on this important policy initiative.


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