District Chief Mark Frerotte

It is with profound sadness that the Fort Erie Fire Department announces the sudden and un-expected passing of District Chief Mark Frerotte.  District Chief Frerotte died on April 26,2012.

District Chief Frerotte joined the department in April of 1979, was promoted to Deputy District Chief in 1995, and again promoted to District Chief in 1998, a position he held until his passing.

“I have been in the fire service for almost 30 years, have had dealings with thousands of firefighters over this time, and can honestly say that I can not identify another firefighter in the province that had the passion and dedication to the fire service that Mark had.  He had the uncanny ability to cut through all of the unimportant stuff and get to the heart of any matter, coming up with practical solutions to any challenge that we faced.  Mark was a true fire service leader any way you looked at it, and is going to leave a huge hole in our organization that will be impossible to fill.”

“District Chief Frerotte was instrumental in significant input into the design of the new Central Fire Station, and also was a leader in the concept of co-locating stations one and two into the new building.  This will be just one of the many things that he left his mark on.”

In addition to Marks firefighter career, he was a long time employee of the Town of Fort Erie (1975-2007) , and the Town of Pelham (until his passing).

A Fire Department Walkthrough will be held Monday April 30, 2012 at the Benner funeral home 18:30 hrs.  Firefighters are asked to muster at the funer home at 18:00 hrs.


Fire Chief Larry Coplen

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