Winter Storm in the Spring !

Didn’t anyone remind Mother Nature that winter storms are supposed to happen in the winter ?  Not October and the end of April !.

According to Environment Canada, it looks like we can expect some heavy rain, wet snow, cold temperatures, and high winds over the next day or so.  If the wet snow continues, it COULD cause problems when it accumulates on the new leaves on trees, just as it did in October a few years ago. You can track the storm here.

Are you prepared ?  Do you have flashlights with fresh batteries, cell phones charged up, battery operated smoke alarms, bottled water, especially for those who are on wells, battery backup systems for home wireless phones, battery or crank operated radios, vehicles fueled up, and the list goes on.

Please take a few minutes to check out for some tips on ensuring that you are prepared for any type of emergency.

Also, just a quick heads up, Canadian Niagara Power will be conducting a town wide power shutdown in order to complete some maintenance.  This will be happening on Sunday May 6, from 2 A.M., lasting until Sunday morning around 10 A.M.  More information will be distributed by CNP and the town over the next couple of weeks.

Submitted By Fire Chief Larry Coplen


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