FORT ERIE: State of Our Economy

A message from Mayor Martin:

Good people of Fort Erie, as you may be aware, on April 30, 2012 the Province of Ontario closed the OLG Slots at Fort Erie Race Track. Not only did this throw more than 200 people out of work, but also induced the loss of 85 more jobs at the Fort Erie Race Track tied directly to supporting the Slots operation.

Further, the Province retracted the long-standing revenue sharing program with Ontario Race Tracks, which means, they have effectively closed the Fort Erie Race Track, and this will be the last season for thoroughbred racing in Fort Erie. This is in addition to the implementation of Provincial policies that are hindering growth opportunities and our future prosperity, including; Provincially Significant Wetlands policy which sterilizes our industrial land potential along the QEW and restrictions on our ability to expand our Urban Service Boundaries where we need to accommodate development demand.
My Council and senior staff have been working with our Economic

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2 thoughts on “FORT ERIE: State of Our Economy

  1. David King

    What a sad state of affairs. What are our provincial and federal representatives doing to rectify these problems? What can we as individual citizens do to help resolve the issues?

  2. Peter Koutroulakis

    Our fair town weathered storms from two World Wars, the Great Depression and the economic fallout of 9/11 and I have faith that we will continue to weather storms with great leadership from Mayor Martin and Jim Thibert from the EDTC!
    Without them and their staff, I would be hard pressed to find any hope lately!
    The never quit attitude is apparent and will continue to re-inforce our town’s prominence in the province of Ontario!

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