Council Approves One of the Final Steps in Crystal Beach Gateway Development

FORT ERIE, July 17, 2012 – Following a Closed Session meeting of Council last evening, Town of Fort Erie Council approved the final formal agreement between the Town and the  Molinaros. This agreement defines the respective responsibilities for the maintenance of both public and common facilities on the Bay Beach site.

Fort Erie Mayor, Doug Martin, stated “This is a positive last step in order to see this project move forward. I would like to thank the Molinaros for their patience, understanding and continued commitment to Fort Erie”.

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5 thoughts on “Council Approves One of the Final Steps in Crystal Beach Gateway Development

  1. Linda Campbell

    I have read the media release.

    What does it mean when it says that the revetment works will be split by the Town and Molinaro and that will not create any changes in cost from what the Town sees prior to construction? Do you have figures? What costs have been determined?

    Molinaro will pay $50,000.00 towards the toad area. Is that annually or just a one time payment?

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Hi Linda, thanks for your inquiry. In response, please refer to the attached summery table. The specific details of the agreement cannot be released at this time. However, the attached table was provided to council for public discussion purposes. Although the information included in the table does not describe every detail of the agreement the financial data remains accurate. The specific answer to the $50,000 question is that this is a onetime contribution and will cover all costs associated with toad monitoring activities. The agreement in its entirety will become a public document once executed by all parties. Ron Tripp

      Summery Table

  2. Linda Campbell

    Knowing the problems with P3 agreements how will you enforce Molinaro to pay half of the costs for any damages to the revetment wall?

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Hi Linda, I’m not sure what you are referring to with respect to P3 problems but enforcement of payment will become apparent once the cost sharing agreement is made public. You should find answers to your subsequent questions on the Towns web site: either minutes, announcements or media releases; where a full history of the project can be found. Please drop me a line if you need further clarification. Ron Tripp

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