OMB Hearing decision on the Canadian Motor Speedway is welcome news for Fort Erie

The much anticipated Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) decision on the Canadian Motor Speedway (CMS) hearing was received today and is welcome news for the Town of Fort Erie.

The decision by OMB Vice Chair, Susan de Avellar Schiller, ordered that the appeals be dismissed and included some requirements and restrictions that were agreed to by CMS and the Citizens Coalition of Greater Fort Erie prior to the OMB  hearing.

“CMS is very excited about the decision by the OMB Chair and that the conclusion reaffirms that our project addresses and implements matters of provincial and regional interest. This will be a world class facility that will attract visitors from all over North America. We are very anxious to begin the next steps in seeing the speedway become a reality”, stated CMS Executive Director, Azhar Mohammad.

Read the full Media Release HERE

To read OMB Decision Document go HERE

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