A Christmas Message

“For many it has been a difficult year. Besieged by news of economic upheaval and unemployment, families are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

As we approach Christmas, perhaps we can take a moment to reflect on what is really important to us and to our community in this wonderful town of ours. So often we hear negative things said about Fort Erie, but those who make such comments have little knowledge of our town and the many people who work quietly, serving the community, often with little recognition.

Christmas is of course a time for spending time with family and friends, or for contacting those who live far away. It is also a time when we think of those less fortunate than ourselves and pray for those who are unwell.
Next year will present new challenges for us all, but I feel that 2013 can be a year which we can look forward to with optimism.  As your Mayor, may I wish you all a happy Christmas and health and prosperity in the year ahead.”

Mayor Douglas Martin

“I would certainly echo the Mayor’s comments.  In this uncertain economic climate, Town staff are very fortunate to be able to come to work everyday and go home safely each night to our families.  We recognize that there are many households in our community that may not be able to celebrate Christmas the way that we are able to.  We reflect on this often and certainly at this time of the year.  Town staff are proud to serve and give back to our community throughout the year.  Have a safe and wonderful Christmas.”

Ron Tripp
Chief Administrative Officer

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Message

  1. Peter Koutroulakis

    Merry Christmas to all of Town Staff and Town Council as well!
    May the New Year bring renewed spirit at Town Hall and throughout our whole community!
    In theses trying times, we all need to find common ground and help those most in need, especially the poor, the unemployed and the elderly in Greater Fort Erie.
    Let us hope that 2013 brings health, happiness and prosperity to all in our incredible community!

  2. Patty Mountain

    You are absolutely right Peter, and let us all have Hope for a better world as well as a better Fort Erie.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Year to everyone at Town Hall, you are the best!

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