Fort Erie Promotional Videos Released

Town of Fort Erie Video bannerTwo projects promoting the Town were undertaken in 2012 and have now been completed. The projects were put in motion to showcase all that the Town has to offer in a medium that’s current and popular; video (think youtube).

(1) Today in America

One of the videos is a segment for the syndicated cable series “Today in America” (TIA) hosted by Terry Bradshaw.  TIA producers approached the Town as they felt Fort Erie was a good fit for their “hidden gems of America” segment.  This video illustrates what it is like to work, live and play in Fort Erie, but predominantly focuses on employment and development.  The TIA production will be airing in 35 major media markets across the United States and Canada over the next several months.  We look forward to catching the eye of potential investors or perhaps new residents.

(2) Find Yourself in Fort Erie

To complement the TIA production,  a series of videos were produced by the talented staff at Pacific Productions in Ridgeway. The results highlight the many attractions, businesses, geography and people that make Fort Erie such a fantastic place to live and visit.

To view the videos on our YouTube Channel  click here

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