Fort Erie Has New CAO

Fort Erie’s search for a new Chief Administrative Officer is over.  The municipal council has hired Larry Adams to be the Town’s top administrator.

“We look forward to welcoming Larry and his family to Fort Erie,” said Mayor Doug Martin.

With over 24 years of municipal experience, Adams was most recently the Chief Administrative Officer of Huron County where he oversaw more than 600 staff and a budget approaching $100 million. His varied experience in small urban, rural lower, single and upper tier levels of government will facilitate a smooth transition to the CAO position in Fort Erie. As well, Adams sat on the Board of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario where he represented the County Caucus and served as Health Liaison for the Western Ontario Warden’s Caucus.

“My family and I are excited about the opportunities that Fort Erie has to offer”, said Adams, adding “We look forward to becoming active members of the community.”
Adams assumes his new duties April 29. Until then, Helen Chamberlain, Director, Financial Services/Treasurer will serve as Interim CAO.

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Mayor Doug Martin

3 thoughts on “Fort Erie Has New CAO

  1. Lesley North

    I question their choice of the new CAO. There is an awful lot of baggage coming with their choice. Like everything else in the last two year this doesn’t seem like a good thing for the town of Fort Erie. What we need is a good dose of Honesty, Transparency and Trust from this council. There have been far too many decisions made in closed door meetings that don’t make any sense at all to the pubic that thinks council should be acting in the best interest of the Town. I would like to see an explanation given for passing over Ron Tripp for this job.

  2. Lesley North

    I have now had a chance to read the Operational Review from Huron County.
    Four councilors. Hill, Steckley, Lubberts and Collard have once again placed the Town a risk.
    That said, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Let’s all pray that these four councilors got it right this time and Larry Adams does a great job. Anything short of that is not acceptable.
    Ron Tripp and our previous CAO’s have set the bar high and we have competent staff that have been used to strong leadership.
    We have no choice but to welcome Larry Adams to our town and to wish him all the luck and success.

    1. dana

      Good luck. He was let go from Huron County. Stuff like that doesn’t happen for no reason….food for thought Fort Erie.

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