Reflections of My First Week as CAO: A Message From Larry Adams

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CAO Larry Adams

It has been a busy first week for me at the Town of Fort Erie. I am truly enjoying meeting and getting to know Council and staff and understanding the intricacies and issues that are currently facing the Town.

After taking a tour of the Town it’s easy to see why so many people are passionate about Fort Erie and are striving to make it even better. I am looking forward to becoming more actively involved in the community and learning more about its culture, history and nuances.

In the upcoming days and weeks I will be meeting with boards, committees, agencies and local service clubs to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing our community.

Thank you all for your welcoming smiles and best wishes.  I truly look forward to working with you to take Fort Erie to the next level.

Feel free to stop in for a chat … my door is always open.

Have a great day!

Larry Adams

7 thoughts on “Reflections of My First Week as CAO: A Message From Larry Adams

  1. Norm Sisler

    Welcome to Fort Erie.

    I invite you to have a tour of the Fort Erie LaFrance Association at 1118 Concession Rd.
    It was established by 13 volunteer firefighters from what was Fire Co. No. 2 on Jarvis St. in 1983. Myself being one of those 13.

  2. vic Dewitt

    Hey Larry….Bienvenidos..!! You look Smart……When You Guys Gunna Open The Pool……..? That would be the smart thing to do….Cheers Mate….can’t wait to meatcha..and shake your hand……..Maybe we’ll go for a swim together….In the Kinsmen Pool…………..Whenyou open it….Everybody’s really excited…..Ya Gotta an ETA on that Bro? so Everybody Knows ? Mercy Buckets……Vic

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Hi again Vic,
      In 2012 the Council did not approve the funding to operate the pool as there were no funds available for the capital works necessary to rejuvenate the pool to a standard acceptable for public use. They have not reinstated that funding, resulting in the pool remaining closed

  3. Jeff Durnin

    Hey Larry!

    Good Luck with your new position, Fort Erie is pretty lucky to have you, now we’ll have a reason to come down that way and check things out!

    Jeff Durnin

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