Canadian Motor Speedway Gets Green Flag!

The Ontario Municipal Board has issued its final decision on the Canadian Motor Speedway, clearing the way for the $400 million project to proceed. In March of this year, the Board heard an appeal from the Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society – PALS – that sought a review of the original decision in favour of the development. In its decision issued today, the Board states that PALS “has not made out a convincing and compelling case or, indeed, any case.” Therefore the original decision that approved the Canadian Motor Speedway stands and is in full force and effect.

This is great news for the Town of Fort Erie which has been patiently waiting for a decision on this very significant economic development.

Azhar Mohammad, the project’s Executive Director, stated “I am absolutely pleased with the decision of the Ontario Municipal Board and it is now time to move forward with this world scale project.”

Mayor Doug Martin echoed Mohammad’s comment. “I could not be any happier with the Ontario Municipal Board decision and this starts a new page for development in Fort Erie”, said the Mayor.

In the Town’s opinion the Ontario Municipal Board decision was never in doubt because of the great work completed by the applicant, the Economic Development and Tourism Corporation and Town Planning and Engineering staff.

For more information contact:
Larry C. Adams, CAO, Town of Fort Erie, (905) 871-1600 ext. 2200 or visit the Speedway’s website at

 To Read the Full OMB Decision Document Click Here

12 thoughts on “Canadian Motor Speedway Gets Green Flag!

  1. Kevin Chevrier

    Glad to see that the ground breaking can start. Looking forward to being in the stands for the first event at the new speedway. Kudos to all involved, this is exactly what we need to help boost tourism.

  2. LukeSpoon

    Whew, that’s great, still paranoid that some one will give another attempt to scuttle this project, perhaps one of the “Fab Four” wouldn’t surprise me in the least!
    My gosh this is what we need, GO FORT ERIE!

  3. John G

    Well I for one am happy to here some good news on this as we need some good news in Fort Erie. Maybe I won’t have to drive out of town for work anymore!

  4. Hollywood Hogan

    I wonder what sort of user fees or access charges the government will add to the cost of a ticket!!!!

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