Ridgeway-Thunder Bay Secondary Plan Information


Ridgeway-Thunder Bay Draft Land Use Plan


The formal steps are being taken to have Town Council consider adopting the Ridgeway-Thunder Bay Secondary Plan. The Plan essentially illustrates and outlines how and where growth/ development should occur within the community in the coming years. It serves to guide Council on development decisions when someone is proposing to develop or redevelop land in the Ridgeway-Thunder Bay neighbourhood. If Council adopts this Plan, it still needs to gain approval from the Region of Niagara.

The Town is required to hold a Public Meeting on the Secondary Plan and it has been scheduled for July 8th, 2013 at 6:00pm in the Council Chambers

If you are interested in the Ridgeway-Thunder Bay Secondary Plan and would like to review the draft documents and maps please CLICK HERE

Chris Millar,
Neighbourhood Planner

2 thoughts on “Ridgeway-Thunder Bay Secondary Plan Information

  1. victor dewitt

    I would like a list of the people that would Benefit directly from this secondary plan IF it ever received passage by the Niagara regional board…..Thanks! Oh and also…why is the town sending a 14,000 dollar Tax bill to The Fort Erie Underwater recovery unit when it’s a Tax exempt organization? Thanks!!

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Good Afternoon, Mr. Dewitt.

      In response to the first part of your inquiry, I submit that should Council adopt the Secondary Plan, and should the Region approve it, those benefiting directly are those person/stakeholders within the Secondary Plans coverage. When considering the Secondary Plan would become part of the Official Plan, it is hard not to acknowledge that the entire Town benefits in some fashion.

      The Secondary Plan’s intended direct benefactors are those with vested interest in:

    2. – securing a long term vision,
    3. – policy framework and land use designations that supports responsible development
    4. – contributing to creating a prosperous and vibrant Downtown core,
    5. – strengthening the role of the Gorham commercial area,
    6. – increasing densities and variation of dwelling type to broaden choice for housing in an area of the municipality that is heavily weighted in single detached dwelling type,
    7. – providing long term goals for implementing improved pedestrian and transit service for the community;
      • Considering the above, I would suggest that the direct benefactors are:
    8. – the residents and business owners within Ridgeway-Thunder Bay;
    9. – the Ridgeway BIA;
    10. – property owners invested in the neighbourhood;
    11. – schools boards;
    12. – the Region of Niagara and the Town from the perspective of capital planning and budgeting for services and infrastructureSenior demographics who are being supported with age-in-place principles that seek to provide appropriate dwelling types to suit their needs
    13. – Youth with respect to housing that will enable them to find affordable accommodation within the community, hopefully leading to their retention in the community.
    14. – financial institutions who can now be more certain of the future uses and growth within the community
    15. – recreationalists and those relying on, or choosing active transportation as an option over the automobile
    16. – There are no single intended benefactors. The Plan is structured with community at its core and seeks to act in the best interest of the public at large.
    17. I hope this response has helped you understand the context in which the Plan is intended and that setting a long term goal that meets with public, agency and council approval is in the best interests of all Fort Erie citizens.

      Respecting the second part of your question, I am unable to provide you with details on that. I would suggest your inquiry on that aspect be directed to the finance department of the Town.

      Feel free to call me if you have further questions.


      Chris Millar, CPT, MCIP, RPP
      Neighbourhood Planner

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