Smoke Alarm Violations in Fort Erie

Home Owners and Tenants convicted on Smoke Alarm Infractions


A total of $8,000.00 was collected from the homeowners or tenants  as a result of the Fort Erie Fire Department responding to several home fires without injuries in August and October of 2012.

Three plead guilty to failing to ensure smoke alarms were maintained in operating condition, one was convicted of intentionally disabling a smoke alarm so as to make it inoperable and one was convicted with failing to install a least one smoke alarm on each story that does not contain a sleeping area in a dwelling unit.

Fire Chief Larry Coplen says, “ We are continually reminding people that working smoke alarms save lives.  The home owners not only jeopardized their own safety but that of their families and firefighters as well.”

The Fort Erie Fire Department has committed itself to complying with the Fire Marshals request to take a zero tolerance with respect to homes not having the required number of working smoke alarms. If they respond to any residence for a fire emergency and note that it is not in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code, then charges will be laid.

The maximum fine for residential offences is $50,000.00 and/or one year in jail.

Any home owner not sure if they are in compliance with the Fire Code may contact the Fire Department at 905-871-1600 extension 2601 to request a free home inspection. Any home found not to be incompliance during this home inspection will not be charged.



For further information contact:

The Fort Erie Fire Department

905-871-1600 extension 2601

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  1. jason rado

    This is a good step by the Fort Erie Fire Department . smoke alarm save the lives of home owners and their families. i’m very thankful to fort dep. to take a good step.

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