Frozen Water Services Impact Fort Erie Residents

With persistently cold weather this winter, Town Water/Wastewater Services staff have been dealing with increased calls for frozen water services. Since February 15, staff have responded to 185 calls for frozen services and repaired multiple watermain breaks. Calls continue to come in daily. Staff and contracted service providers have been working around the clock in the frigid cold (averaging -15C) using tools such as rock breakers and excavators to repair water main and service breaks because the frost has reached critical depths.

Residents are being advised that their calls will be prioritized as they are received and presently 30 frozen services are in the queue. To be added to the list during normal business hours, please call 905-871-1600 ext. 2466.

For those without water, the Leisureplex and Crystal Ridge Arena are being set up as a water depot. Residents can bring jugs and containers to the closest facility and attendants will show them where they can fill up:

  • Leisureplex – 3 Municipal Centre Drive, Fort Erie – if accessing water afterhours, ring for the attendant on duty
  • Crystal Ridge Community Centre – 109 Ridge Road South, Ridgeway – contact the arena attendant on duty for assistance

Manager, Grant Boutin, has provided the following:

“Our Water/Wastewater Services have worked tirelessly for the past three weeks in repairing multiple water main breaks and completing excavations for thawing frozen services.
This dedicated group along with contracted service providers continues to spend more time at work then at home with their families in their efforts at restoring water service to the affected customers.

Service restorations are completed in priority order as calls come in and resources can be appropriately deployed.

In summary, I have to express these words of thanks:

  1. To our customers for their patience and understanding.
  2. To our Customer Service and Front Line Operations staff in fielding the higher than   normal volume of calls.
  3. To our Roads, Parks and Fleet Services staff for their support.
  4. To the families of our staff for the loss of quality time with their loved ones.
  5. And most importantly, to all my Water/Wastewater Services staff.

Words cannot express the required recognition of this commendable effort in maintaining/restoring service to our customers.
All can be assured the above efforts will remain as the norm in getting us through this abnormal winter event”.
Tips to determine if it is your indoor plumbing that has frozen:

  • Try running different cold water taps throughout your home. If more than one has running water while others don’t, your issue is likely internal and you should call a plumber for assistance.
  •  If you find that all water service to your home has stopped, or you aren’t sure where the problem is, contact the Town. (Afterhours call 905-871-1600)
  •  The Town will work with you to determine where the cause of the frozen service is located, including, where necessary, conducting an on-site investigation. Please note that due to the high volume of calls, investigations may be delayed.

We request and appreciate your patience as we respond to this ongoing issue.

For more information, contact:

Tom Kuchyt
Interim Chief Administrative Officer
905.871.1600 Ext. 2400
Email address:


CET Grant Boutin
Manager Water/Wastewater Services
905.871.1600 Ext. 2462
Email address:

2 thoughts on “Frozen Water Services Impact Fort Erie Residents

  1. Lesley North

    It’s been a really bad winter all the way around. Thank-you to all the front line crews on this problem and snow removal. I promise that spring will be here before July 1. Hang in there and again thank-you.

  2. Patty Mountain

    A real big thank you to all the Town of Fort Erie workers, you guys and gals are amazing and your dedication is very much appreciated. Anyone who can’t understand the severity of this weather and has the nerve to complain can go stick their head in a snow bank. Better still, I will do it for them. Certain groups need to smarten up.

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