Town application for external works to accommodate Speedway excluded from nomination to the Federal Government

Town of Fort Erie officials have been notified that the application for external infrastructure to
accommodate the Canadian Motor Speedway and other industrial properties was not selected by the Province of Ontario for nomination to the Federal Government for the Small Communities Component of the Building Canada Fund.

The $42 million application was to cover the construction costs for a watermain and sewer works to the Gilmore/Bowen Road property that would also allow for additional servicing of the Town’s Industrial Park lands.

“Although we are disappointed, we are not deterred in the least. We will work hard to overcome
this challenge as well,” stated Mayor Redekop. “We believed that the application, which responded to each of the objectives of the fund and is considered one of the largest economic catalysts for the Niagara Region and the Province, would have been top of the list submitted by the Province to the Federal government for consideration. Now, we will be exploring other funding opportunities and will also be reaching out to our colleagues in government to advance the Town’s infrastructure interests”.

“It is our expectation that the Province will find alternative ways to provide the offsite
infrastructure necessary to trigger the tremendous economic impact CMS and its spinoffs will
provide,” remarked Executive Director of the Canadian Motor Speedway, Azhar Mohammad. “This is just one element of the project. We will continue moving forward and have recently completed the Traffic Management Plan requested by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario for the Bowen Road interchange. Exciting design elements of the Speedway oval and grandstand are also being finalized.”

Town of Fort Erie CAO, Tom Kuchyt, noted “CMS has proven their commitment to the project throughout the past eight years. This funding request was for Town infrastructure, external to the CMS project. We will be looking at other funding sources and opportunities that will ensure a positive outcome for the community, the Region of Niagara and the Province”.

Regional Chair, Alan Caslin, who has moved support of the project forward at the Regional level stated, “We are still 100% behind this project and believe that it is still a key priority for
investment in Niagara. The positive economic spin-offs from the Speedway will be felt throughout the Region”.

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