Fort Erie Waterfront Strategy: Project Initiation

The Town of Fort Erie has initiated the Fort Erie Waterfront Strategy to identify opportunities to improve/augment parks, town-owned land, destinations and attractions along the Lake Erie and Niagara River shoreline. The Waterfront Strategy will ensure residents and visitors from across the Town, Region, Province and beyond have access to the water’s edge and the associated amenities. The Waterfront Strategy will provide a long-term vision and contain an action plan with short, medium and long term objectives. As well as an overall strategy for all waterfront lands, more detailed conceptual plans for two sites along the waterfront will illustrate opportunities for change.

The Fort Erie Waterfront Strategy will be completed in four phases:

Phase 1: Foundation of the Waterfront Strategy

Phase 2: Analysis of Opportunities and Possibilities

Phase 3: Draft Waterfront Strategy

Phase 4: Final Waterfront Strategy and Action Plan

The Waterfront Strategy is being developed in collaboration with a a Project Team from the Town of Fort Erie and a Council approved Community Focus Group. The Community Focus Group consists of 15 residents from across the Town, in addition to Mayor Redekop and Councillors Passero & Lubberts.

Three community workshops are planned over the next several months to involve anyone interested in participating in the Waterfront Strategy.

The first community workshop is scheduled for February 9, 2016 at the Fort Erie Leisureplex. The community workshop will begin with an informal open house to review work-in-progress, followed by a presentation at 6:30 pm and table group discussions.

The table group discussions will help the team develop:

  • Key principles that should shape the Waterfront Strategy
  • Opportunities and possibilities for change
  • Key directions for the Waterfront Strategy

The Town has retained The Planning Partnership to lead the project. They have decades of experience in waterfront master planning, neighbourhood planning and park design. They have augmented their team with experts in biology, economic and financial analysis and coastal engineering.

For more information on the Fort Erie Waterfront Strategy, please contact,

Dave Heyworth, MCIP, RPP
Manager-Land Use Policy
Town of Fort Erie
905-871-1600, ext. 2504


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