Welcome Janine! Fort Erie’s New Corporate Communications Coordinator

On Jan. 11, Janine Tessmer started her first day at Town Hall as Fort Erie’s newest Corporate Communications Coordinator.

The new Communications position is a result of the 2015-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan – Priority #3: Strong Customer Service, Relationships and Communications. The purpose of the position is to enhance current communications practices as well as assist Staff with future communications opportunities. The Corporate Communications Coordinator is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining a communications policy/plan, producing communications products for internal/external audiences and acting as the primary media contact.

“We’ve all been eagerly awaiting Janine’s arrival,” said Tom Kuchyt, CAO. “There are some big expectations tied to this position; however, I’m confident Janine is up to the challenge. Her previous government and digital communications experience will benefit not only Town Staff but also the community.”

Tessmer has dedicated 10 years exploring and experiencing communications using various methods. Throughout the years, she has worked in a variety of senior communication positions across many different sectors. Tessmer started her career working as a Communications Advisor for the City of Burlington. When the social media began to erupt, she left government to gain practical knowledge and experience in the world of social media followed by search engine marketing. As a result, she has acquired a range of skills and is cross-trained in both traditional and new media communication methods.

“When I was a student, I had a goal of becoming a master of my craft. In order to achieve this goal, I had to ensure I had practical experience in all areas of communications: traditional, digital and technological,” said Tessmer.

Prior to the appointment of this new position, Town Staff have been sharing the communications responsibilities amongst each other. “Staff is already doing a great job maintaining and executing effective communications. My goal isn’t to change what we are currently doing; it’s to expand on it. For example, one of my key priorities for 2016 is the creation of a community e-newsletter,” said Tessmer.

Tessmer graduated with honours from Niagara College’s Journalism-Print and Public Relations (post-graduate) programs. Throughout her career, she had the opportunity to work with some high profile clients such as Ford, Canadian Tire, Volvo, American Express, City of Hamilton and Hamilton International Airport. For a more detailed look at Tessmer’s background, please visit her LinkedIn profile at ca.linkedin.com/in/jtessmer.

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    1. Janine Tessmer Post author

      Hi Brian! I am local to Niagara Region (born and raised). However, I do not currently reside in Fort Erie. That said, I have a lot of great memories of Fort Erie from my childhood and as an adult. Thanks for the comment!

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