Town of Fort Erie’s 2016 Operating Budget Approved with 2.13% Overall Tax Increase

MEDIA RELEASE – Feb. 5, 2016

The Town of Fort Erie has approved the 2016 operating budget with an overall property tax increase of 2.13 per cent when combined with Niagara Region and the boards of education. The town’s portion is a 6.07 per cent increase with highlights including:

  • $800K contribution (3.45 per cent) towards capital reserve funds to meet the town’s commitment to address the infrastructure deficit;
  • $403K (1.74 per cent) dedicated to expand roadway resurfacing program for 2016;
  • $200K (0.86 per cent) to accelerate the Emerald Ash Borer tree removal and replanting program;
  • $100K contribution (0.43 per cent) towards the Niagara Blvd. cycle route expansion being spearheaded by Niagara Parks Commission; and
  • $88K (0.38 per cent) to increase service levels in areas such as winter maintenance and roads management.

“Fort Erie prides itself on providing high quality services to its residents in a cost-effective and responsive manner,” said Mayor Redekop. “However, like any business or household, the needs and wants within a municipality are often greater than what the municipality and community can afford at one time. When we (Town Council) go through the budget process we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain fiscal restraint while still meeting the current and future needs of the municipality. Our 2016 operating budget balances competing priorities and challenges with the ability to continue providing quality services to our community,” said Mayor Redekop.

“There are many competing demands for town tax dollars as well as an urgency to minimize tax rate increases,” said Treasurer Jonathan Janzen. “In this budget we preserved existing levels of service, found efficiencies and provided Council with the ability to continue progress in implementing the Town’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.”

For further details on the 2016 operating budget, please visit the Town of Fort Erie website at

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