WARNING: Door-to-door Water Filter Salespeople in Fort Erie

Residents should be on alert for door-to-door water filter salespeople claiming that the Town’s water requires additional filtration due to high levels of chlorine. This is false. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) recently conducted its annual inspection on the Town of Fort Erie’s water system. Following its inspection, the MOECC reported that the Town’s drinking water continues to meet all legislated Provincial Drinking Water Quality Objectives. A copy of the report can be found at www.forterie.ca

The salespeople are also offering free water filters and asking to have access to the residents’ bathrooms, water lines and water meters. If a door-to-door salesperson comes to your door, do not provide any bills, contracts or statements.  Concerned residents should politely ask the salespeople to leave and contact police if the salespeople become aggressive.

Fort Erie’s Drinking Water Quality Management System Operational Plan

4 thoughts on “WARNING: Door-to-door Water Filter Salespeople in Fort Erie

  1. Hunter

    On Monday May 16, 2016, I received a “Lottery Ticket” in the mail indicating I won an iPad Mini. All I had to do was call 1-877-684-9309 immediately and redeem my prize within 48 hours.
    The VERY FINE PRINT indicates the homeowner MUST agree to an in home product demonstration.
    This concerns me because last year, my senior parents received a very similar “scratch ticket” and thought they’d won a television. They called the one eight hundred number and had the presentation and were tricked into buying a $4,000.00 Water Filtration System, because the presenter claimed their municipal water was poisonous. And the “prize” they really won was a hotel “savings card.” They could not afford the Water Filtration System, so the presenter signed them up with financing from TD Bank.
    They are embarrassed now and devestated.
    This lottery scam acts quickly and targets a town for roughly a one week period. I suspect they’ll have pressured seniors in Ridgeway, Ontario and “sold” all their water filtration systems by the end of this week (May 16 to May 20.)
    Please help our town! Maybe an announcement on the radio to make the public aware would help.

  2. Anonymous

    The same phone number is going around in Niagara region under the title “Happy Holidays Scratch & Win” prize card. Amusingly, I also ‘won’ an Ipad Mini. Thanks to the aforementioned comment I did not bother calling, but there are a lot of elderly people is this region too. Unfortunately, I doubt many of them browse the internet…

  3. Andrea

    They’re now in Tavistock, ON. We also “won” an iPad mini. What a coincidence… 🙂 We never call about these fake lottery tickets. Thanks, Hunter, for posting what this one was about.

  4. Alison argent rip teen wolf

    Now in London Ontario, I also won an iPad mini “what a surprise” fortunately i checked this website before doing anything… well i already have an ipad mini anyway

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