Decision on Town Application for Land Titles Absolute on Bay Beach Lands

Media Release (Jan. 19, 2017) Earlier this month, the Town of Fort Erie received a decision from the Deputy Director of Land Titles in response to its 2011 application for Land Titles Absolute for lands that it owns and were formerly the subject of an agreement of purchase and sale with the Molinaro Group.

The application was filed at the time to facilitate the development of a condominium project that required Land Titles Absolute for the condominium plan to be registered on title.The agreement of purchase and sale was terminated by the Molinaro Group in 2013. Following a long process of public consultation, the land is now intended to be used as a public park, in accordance with Council’s recently approved Bay Beach Master Plan, for which a Land Titles Absolute designation is not required.

The decision of the Deputy Director of Land Titles does not affect the Town’s ownership of the lands and it has no further impact on the Town‘s current plans for the park.  Council is moving forward with its plan to implement improvements to the park beginning this year.

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Contact: Mayor Wayne Redekop
Phone Number: 905-871-1600

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