Flood Watch Update from the NPCA

This notice is intended to update the public and local municipalities of the status of the watercourses and Great Lake conditions within the Niagara Peninsula and the eastern portions of the City of Hamilton and Haldimand County.

The Niagara Peninsula and portions of Hamilton and Haldimand are presently under a Rainfall Warning as issued by Environment Canada. We are forecasted to receive 50 to 75mm of rain starting this afternoon through Saturday. The most recent rain has resulted in higher than normal water levels and flows within our watercourses. At present, water levels within our major watercourses are elevated but remain below critical thresholds. All residents are encouraged to closely monitor river and lake conditions in their areas. Localized flooding in low lying areas is expected. Motorists are encouraged to avoid driving through flooded roadways.

Lake Ontario shoreline erosion and flooding is also a concern during this event. The combination of high lake levels and moderate to strong Northeast to Northwest winds could result in high waves that may result in erosion and shoreline flooding along the southern shores of Lake Ontario. Residents living along Lake Ontario from Hamilton to Niagara-on-the-Lake are urged to monitor the situation.

The NPCA will continue to monitor stream and weather conditions closely and will issue further messages as required. Information on the Flood Status in the watershed and water levels within the streams can be found on the NPCA’s website at:


This notice is in effect until noon, Sunday, May 7th, 2017 and will be updated as required.

Source: The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Media Release

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