Heavy Rainfall Alert in Effect

Here we go again Fort Erie! Environment Canada has issued another Heavy Rainfall alert for Southern Ontario. They anticipate the total rainfall amount could reach 40 to 70 mm. Since the ground is already saturated, there is a potential for flooding. To prepare for the storm, Town crews are cleaning and clearing ditches, sewers and culverts to keep water moving. With the increase in rain comes the potential for basements to flood. Here are some tips homeowners should follow to protect their homes:

  • Put weather protection sealant around basement windows and the base of the ground-level doors.
  • Ensure that the downspout discharge is directed a sufficient distance from your residence to ensure the water moves away from the building.
  • Clear leaves and debris from your eave troughs
  • Disconnect eave troughs connected to the sanitary sewer
  • Do not store important documents in the basement. Keep them at a higher level
  • If you have livestock, remember that livestock has a natural “move away instinct” to flash flood waters and will seek higher ground, if possible. Provide livestock a way to reach high ground in each pasture. Without access, livestock will fight fences and be at greater risk of drowning.
  • Ensure your cell phone is fully charged.
  • Never drive through flood waters.
  • Plan to stay off the roads. If you must travel, prepare an emergency car kit in the event you get stuck.

If you would like to report flooding in your area, please fill out the Contact Us form at www.contactus.forterie.ca. Alternatively, you can contact our afterhours Operations Team at 905-871-1600.


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    1. Town of Fort Erie Post author

      The connection of eaves trough down spouts to the sanitary sewer system was a permitted practice years ago. It is no longer and our practice is to enforce disconnection through the conditions of the Sewer and Drainage Works Bylaw. Hope this helps!

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