Canada 150 Fort Erie Community Cultural Mosaic Posters

We were fortunate to have received several card stock copies of the Canada 150 Fort Erie Community Cultural Mosaic and have randomly selected winners for three framed posters and have also drawn for 20 copies of the cardstock posters.

The Winners of the Framed Poster are:
1) Jodi Croteau
2) Lorraine Pichette
3) Lamay Glim


Winners of the Cardstock Poster are:
1) Tina Racher
2 )Ava Pailing
3) Patricia Naylor
4) Cheryl Watson
5) Noah Pennell-Ajie
6) Colby Gahagan
7) Hayden May
8) Al Longval
9) K.D. Moore
10) Ghotai Jalil
11) Laura Carranza
12) Miranda Heaton
13) Echon Agrebo
14) Monica Beck
15) Pennie Ruch
16) Lucas Clark
17) Vera Ebel
18) Morgan Robiews
19) Sharon Dell
20) Kim Simons

Please contact Bev Bradnam at Town Hall (905) 871-1600 ext. 2201 or by email at to make arrangements to pick up your prize. Congratulations to all the winners of the posters and to all who participated – we truly created something amazing!

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