Fort Erie Identifies 168 New Bus Stops

Over the next couple months, the Town will be implementing Phase III of its Transit Route,
Bus Stop and Facility Improvements Plan. Phase III includes the design and installation of
168 new bus stops on three new routes around Fort Erie, which in turn would eliminate the
use of a flag stop system.

“We are excited to be entering the last phase of Fort Erie’s current Transit Improvements
plan,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop. “We know how important accessibility to public transit is
for many individuals, young and old. These enhancements will better connect our residents
to their community and help give them the flexibility they need to live their lives more fully.”

Over the next couple weeks, Town crews will be marking out locations and installing posts for
69 of the 168 newly identified bus stops. Once marked, crews will then review the property for
underground works such as gas lines and will identify the safest location to install a new bus
stop sign. The other locations will be identified by signs posted on hydro poles, street poles or
in new shelters. The work should be completed by the end of August. A map providing the
new locations will be available on the Town’s website once the work is complete.

All bus stops are intended to be within a certain walking distance from each other as well as
located in areas served or attended by the public. New bus stop signs will be installed prior to
the new routes becoming effective on September 5, 2017.

Additional enhancements to the Town’s transit system include:
• A new three route system and service expansion
• A main bus hub to be located on the Town municipal site at the Leisureplex
• Extended hours of transit service

For more information about the Transit Route, Bus Stop and Facility Improvements Plan,
please contact Carla Stout, Transit Manager, at or 905-871-1600, ext.

11 thoughts on “Fort Erie Identifies 168 New Bus Stops

  1. Joanne Copeland

    Will the new routes include any stops on Gilmore towards Thompson, and Thompson towards Garrison. Currently any of us who need a bus to Walmart, for instance, have to walk back to Central or clear up Concession to Bertie to catch a bus. And for those of us who might have the energy to walk the distance to Walmart, the route itself is not suitable for walking with no sidewalks, ditches along Thompson and walking under the QEW Overpass. My daughter for instance, has to rely on finding rides to get from Dunlop, off Gilmore to her job at Walmart as we don’t feel comfortable with her walking along Thompson Road. Also, how late would the extended hours of service be? Thanks!

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Hi Joanne – the new East route has stops along Gilmore Road at Central Avenue and at Jennet Street with close-by connections also available on Concession Road at Henrietta Street. The new North route has stops at Gilmore and Thompson Roads. Maps are coming soon so riders can plan their trips. Council is setting hours of service at their meeting tonight, the recommendation from the new Transit Advisory Committee is to start with extended hours of service to 9:00 p.m. The new routes and times are to come into effect on September 5, 2017. Stay tuned to our website and social media for more information and thanks for the question.

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Hi Sonya – No, there is no Sunday service anticipated for the balance of this service contract to September 2020. That said, ridership data and requests for service will be provided to the new Transit Advisory Committee to weigh
      options for service recommendations to Council as the community requires. To start, Council has committed an increased budget to extend hours of service, create a third route to the North communities and to provide for better access along new East and West routes.

  2. Robert Yochim

    Since the new transit hub for Niagara Regional Transit is going to be at the Leisureplex are the Fort Erie Transit buses going to be starting earlier so riders can still catch the early morning buses to Niagara Falls and beyond?

    1. Kelly Davis - Moderator Post author

      Hi Robert – The new expanded hours on the Fort Erie Transit include an earlier start time for all 3 buses on each of the new 3 routes.
      Buses will be starting as early as 5:15 am on routes making their way into the Municipal HUB to make connections to Niagara Falls.
      The first bus leaving for Niagara Falls will be departing from the new HUB at 6:55 am. Connections are key to designing a service that
      works, we’re busy making sure riders can meet their buses! Thanks for asking.

  3. Rita Hansen Sterne

    Could you please comment on the rationale of the route change from Schooley to Lakewood in CB? I don’t understand why the route is being changed. I can’t see why the route to the beach was lengthened and the dangerous turn near the Erie road “dip” at the end of Lakewood is not a good one even for cars, let alone a bus…Has anyone asked transit drivers about this turn?

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