Fort Erie to receive $231,000 from CNP’s Save on Energy Incentive Program

It has been almost a year since the Town of Fort Erie completed the upgrading of 3,200
streetlights to LED streetlights and the change is already starting to pay off. In order to offset
the upfront capital costs of this program, the Town took part in Canadian Niagara Power Inc.’s
(CNP) Save on Energy Retrofit Program in conjunction with the Independent Electricity System

“The partnership between the Town and CNP has been a very positive one,” said Mayor
Wayne Redekop. “We are both trying to achieve the same goal – minimize Fort Erie’s
environmental impact in an efficient and cost effective manner.”

By participating in the Save on Energy Retrofit program, Fort Erie will receive a one-time
incentive payment of approximately $231,000. In addition, the Town expects to achieve a total
annual energy efficiency savings of over 1,480,000 kWh from this project.

The Save on Energy’s Retrofit incentive program reduces project and operational costs for
equipment upgrades to owners or lessees (with owner’s consent) of commercial, industrial,
agricultural or institutional facilities. It includes any measures that provide sustainable,
verifiable reductions in electricity consumption such as lighting retrofits, lighting controls, HVAC
redesign and chiller replacement.

“CNP is pleased to support the Town in achieving its mandate of providing value to residents
and businesses through energy savings, financial incentives for the upgrades to municipally-owned facilities, at the same time reducing their environmental footprint,” stated Glen King, VP
Finance and Chief Financial Officer of CNP.

According to other municipalities and streetlight manufacturers, LED streetlights have the
potential or actual savings of 30-70% on energy consumption and 75-95% in maintenance
costs. In addition, LEDs produce a cleaner, whiter light that improves visual acuity and
community safety. The Town is estimating a potential savings in energy usage and
maintenance of up to $210,000 annually, which means the conversion to LED streetlights
could save the Town over $2 million in energy and maintenance costs over the next 10 years.

For more information about the project, please contact George Stojanovic, Manager, Engineering Division, at 905-871-1600 ext. 2402 or email

When: Monday, July 17, 2017 at 6 p.m.
Where: Council Chambers Who: Mayor Wayne Redekop; Glen King, VP Finance; and Chief Financial Officer, Rod Barber, Supervisor Energy Efficiency
What: Cheque Presentation

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