Town Council to Decide the Future of the CN 6218 Steam Locomotive and Caboose

MEDIA RELEASE (October 23, 2017) During the Nov. 6 Council-in-Committee meeting, Town Council will discuss and decide upon the future of the CN 6218 steam locomotive and caboose that have been on permanent display at the Fort Erie Railway Museum since 1974.

From April to August 2017, Fort Erie Museum and Cultural Services conducted a study to identify, investigate, analyze and propose options for the future of these two Municipal assets.
There were 20 submissions received during the study process with many sharing similar visions. Those submissions were combined and distilled down to 10 distinct options. Each of the 10 options was summarized along with their associated risks. The following seven risk criteria were identified and used to assess each option:

  1. Cost estimate
  2. Human resources
  3. Municipal policies and practices
  4. Industry standards
  5. Cost savings
  6. Impact on the Fort Erie Railway Museum
  7. Impact on the CN 6218 steam locomotive and the caboose

Public input was sought through meetings with identified stakeholder groups who had expressed interest in the future of the CN 6218; by soliciting public input through the Town of Fort Erie’s website and social media platforms; through questionnaires distributed at the Fort Erie Historical Museum and Fort Erie Railway Museum; and by hosting a public open house at the Town Hall.
In 1973, Town Council passed a Motion to accept the donation of the CN 6218 steam locomotive. Since 1989, Fort Erie has invested nearly $90,000 into repairing and maintaining the engine. In 2010 and 2011, Town Council committed $50,000 each year for a total of $100,000 to the future of the engine.

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Contact: Janine Tessmer, Communications Advisor
Phone: 905-871-1600, ext. 2217

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