Additional FAST Services starting March 1

MEDIA RELEASE (February 27, 2018) On March 1, the Fort Erie Accessible Specialized Transit (FAST) will increase its level of service from two specialized vans to three vans once again.

In June 2017, the Town’s FAST provider (Red Cross) had to remove its third van due to a lack of third-party funding. Once removed, eligible FAST riders experienced a harder time booking trips because riders who needed to access medical care, education and employment are prioritized over other trip requests.

“We recognize the important role FAST plays within our community,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop. “We also recognize that quality of life revolves around more than medical appointments and work. FAST services also provide riders with independence and the ability to connect with others through social programs, trips to the grocery store and even leisure activities.”

On Feb. 12, Town Council approved a 2018 supplemental budget request to return a third van onto the service; therefore, adding another 48 hours of service per week (138 hours total). The third bus will be dedicated to providing support during peak hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) thus resulting in increased access to FAST services for approved clients. FAST runs Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Fort Erie Accessible Specialized Transit (FAST) provides curb-to-curb transportation intended for persons with a disability and/or persons who would be unable to board a conventional transit vehicle, or walk a distance of 175 metres (approximately 600 feet). FAST is funded by the Ministry of Transportation through gas taxes ($150,000 per year) and the collection of fares ($15,000). The balance of the program is funded by the Town ($210,000 in 2018).

Trips are booked 48 hours in advance and cost $2.75 (per trip) or $22 (10-trip booklet). Applications for FAST are available at Town Hall (1 Municipal Centre Drive) or at All applications must be signed by a licensed professional.

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Contact: Janine Tessmer, Communications Advisor
Phone: 905-871-1600, ext. 2217

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