Stay Clear of Elevated Water Levels

NOTICE FROM NPCA – Over the last 24 hours, the Region has experienced temperatures well above freezing, which has resulted in a majority of the snowpack melting and running off into local creeks and rivers.  Light rain in the amount of 5 to 10mm accompanied this melting event.  The combination of warm temperatures and rain has elevated water levels within our local watercourses.

The increasing runoff and water levels will destabilize the ice and raise the possibility of ice jam flooding.  Residents are urged to keep themselves, children and pets well away from streams and creeks as these watercourses and their associated ice conditions will be hazardous.   Drivers are reminded there is an increased risk of water over roads and should not drive through any flooded roadway, being particularly careful at night.  Local municipalities are advised to check for debris and ice clogging culverts, catch basins, and other storm infrastructure.

Information on the Flood Status in the watershed and water levels within local watercourses can be found on the NPCA’s website at:

This notice is in effect until noon Sunday, February 18th, 2018 and will be updated as required.

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