Highest Quarter for Residential Dwelling Permits in the Town of Fort Erie’s History

During last night’s Council meeting, Town Council received staff’s report on the first quarter development, building and by-law statistics. Over the past several years the Town has seen record growth but nothing compared to the first quarter of 2019 with 37 units and construction values more than double and in some cases triple other first quarter periods since the Town began to track residential construction trends beginning in 1991.

“The Town continues to witness record growth, which can be directly attributed to offering a community that has great amenities, a small town feel and lower housing prices while at the same time having access to larger city centres”, said Mayor Wayne Redekop. “By putting in place policies and incentives and the right mix of staff to make this type of growth happen, Fort Erie continues to be a leader and is able to move closer to our vision of a growing, prosperous, connected community of choice”.

Repeating statistics found in the report, Rick Brady, Director of Planning and Development Services, noted, “the results represent a strong first quarter coming in considerably higher than the Q1 average of 19.4 from the previous 5 years. The Ridgeway-Thunder Bay neighbourhood growth continues to dominate new residential permit activity and with our new parks and open spaces at Bay Beach and the Crystal Ridge Centre, new residents continue to be drawn to this area of the Town”.

The total reported value of new residential construction in this first quarter is just over $17 million, more than double and almost triple the value reported for last year’s first quarter of $6.35 million.

For further information, please visit the Town’s website at www.forterie.ca and click on Government>Agendas and Minutes>June 10, 2019 Agenda (Report No. PDS-36-2019).

5 thoughts on “Highest Quarter for Residential Dwelling Permits in the Town of Fort Erie’s History

  1. Sandra Wallace

    I suppose making money is exciting for the town but not everyone who lives here feels the same way. We are experiencing heavier traffic, longer wait times for medical attention, an increase in crime, losing a lot of trees, seeing wildlife driven from their habitats and much more. I moved here 17 years ago from a major city to achieve peace & quiet. Please don’t “over sell” the town for the almighty dollar. We have something very special here in Fort Erie. We need to protect it. Please proceed with a vision for the future.

  2. Sharon kelba

    I totally agree growth at what expense that of wildlife’s homes homes popping up everywhere no more nature no more quiet crimeincreasing is it worth it also no jobs no industry nothing for younge peopleymca closing nothing stays in this town we had a theatre now we don’t we had giant tiger now we don’t we had a drive in now we don’t we had Pizza Hut now we don’t the list goes on and on

  3. Annie

    I totally agree with Sandra as well. I’m not sure what the town has in mind with record numbers of development taking place.
    I for one don’t look at it as something to be proud of. So many areas of natural beauty are being cleared like moon scapes for numerous subdivisions. It makes my heart ache every time I see our natural green spaces diminishing.

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