Health Care Services Continue to Build Momentum in Fort Erie with New Guidelines

Media Release (August 15, 2019) Recruiting physicians in today’s market has become very competitive because there are not enough family medicine residents graduating to meet the demands of available positions. For the past 12 months, the Town’s Health Services committee has been working hard to recruit physicians and enroll patients with a family doctor.

“This time last year, approximately 33 per cent of our residents were not enrolled with a family physician. I am happy to say that that number has decreased by half with the enrollment of 7,000 new Fort Erie patients. Thanks to the efforts of Town Council and Staff, Fort Erie went from having one of lowest enrollment percentages in the Niagara Region to having one of the highest,” said Tom Kuchyt, Fort Erie CAO.

During Monday night’s Council-in-Committee meeting, Town Council further showed its commitment to bringing health services to the Town by approving (in principle) a new Financial Incentive Guideline for physician recruitment, retention and medical education in Fort Erie.

The approved guidelines will be used for all funding requests based on the competitive nature of the market and will be reviewed annually as part of Council’s budgetary process.

Each agreement the Town enters into with a medical professional will have conditions and return of service attached as appropriate for each recruit. These conditions and return of service will be analyzed annually by staff with an update given to council on accountability to the binding agreements. If the funding request is related to equipment purchase, the equipment must be new and proof of equipment purchased must be provided to substantiate the grant funding request.

All program funding requests under $10,000 may be approved by the CAO without Council approval and must be made in writing to the Community Health Care Services Coordinator. 

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