Town’s Assets in Good Condition According to New Asset Management Plan

Media Release (August 21, 2019) The Town recently completed its new Asset Management Plan (AMP). The purpose of an AMP is to identify and prioritize the rehabilitation strategies of all assets to minimize long-term risk and cost to the Town and its taxpayers, while maximizing service delivery.

“For the first time, the Town has been able to complete a detailed analysis of the physical condition of its main infrastructure elements and identify the infrastructure deficit associated with capital investments needed to support the Town’s infrastructure,” said Kelly Walsh, Director of Infrastructure Services.

The Town of Fort Erie’s AMP contains an inventory of approximately 8,944 asset records in Fort Erie. Over 50 per cent of all Town assets received a Grade Condition of B or higher.

“I want to congratulate staff and all councils going back to 2000 for having the foresight to put the money towards the Town’s infrastructure. The condition of our infrastructure is a reflection of that foresight,” said Mayor Redekop.

In May 2018, GM BluePlan Engineering Limited was retained by the Town to develop a new asset management plan and policy on behalf of the Town. During an AMP presentation to Council last month, Nick Lawson of GM BluePlan stated that Fort Erie’s asset Grade Conditions are excellent when compared to most of the municipalities they work with throughout the Province.

“A lot of municipalities across the Province are not in this state. They are still relying on an age-based analysis. You have good, high quality condition information, which really increases the confidence in the analysis that we’re able to do,” said Lawson.

Findings in the AMP also reveal that only wastewater assets are recommended for additional spending while the Town completes a closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection program to increase the knowledge of actual condition. For the remainder of the asset categories, the existing budget was found to be adequate to maintain or increase levels of service.

The spending projected for wastewater assets include a three per cent increase to be phased over a specific time period. This increase would result in an increased expenditure of $370,000 per year for 10 years in addition to annual inflationary increases to contributions. The Town’s current asset inventory has a replacement value of about $1 billion.

All municipalities in Ontario are mandated to have an AMP; however, only those who have a completed plan will be eligible for future funding programs.

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