High Volume Permit Activity for New Residential Construction Becomes ‘New Norm’

Media Release (September 12, 2019) Fort Erie neighbourhoods continue to grow strong with 52 permits for residential units in the second quarter (Q2) of 2019. The value of the new residential construction for Q2 is approximately $16.6 million, which is higher than last year’s second quarter of $12.5 million for 42 units.

“The results represent what is shaping up to be the ‘new norm’ in permit volumes for the Town. Since 2016, Q2 permit volumes have increased significantly when compared to the previous 20 years,” said Rick Brady, director of planning and development services. 

In 2016, the Town experienced a record year with over 250 residential new construction permits being issued. Prior to 2016, the Town had not experienced record residential growth since 2008.

“We are happy to see the pace in which permits are being drawn in neighbourhoods that have generally sat idle for years such as Garrison and Spears-High Pointe. This momentum is good for Fort Erie because it will help replenish our residential lot/unit inventory as well as provide assurance that buildable lots are market-ready for future investors,” said Brady.

Unlike previous years, Ridgeway-Thunder Bay did not have the highest permit volume. In Q2 2019, the Garrison neighbourhood led in permit activity with 15 permits; however, Ridgeway-Thunder Bay followed closely behind with 14 permits. Additional neighbourhoods receiving permits in Q2 were Spears-High Pointe (7), Stevensville (5), Crystal Beach (5), Fort Erie (2), Rural Areas (2), Crescent Park (1) and Lakeshore (1).

In addition to the residential sector, the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors also maintained consistent activity when compared to past quarters.

A copy of the Development, Building and By-law Statistical Reporting – Second Quarter 2019 Administrative Report can be found at www.forterie.ca or picked up at Town Hall.

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