Emergency Preparedness for Severe Storms

Thunderstorms, hail, blizzards, ice storms, high winds and heavy rain can develop quickly and threaten life and property. Severe storms occur in all regions of Canada and in all seasons. Severe weather make driving dangerous – avoid the risk when you can.

Preparing for severe storms:

  • Stock up on; heating fuel, ready-to-eat food, extra batteries, battery powered or wind-up flashlights and radio.
  • Secure items that may blow away or tear loose and cause injury and damage property.
  • Park your car in the garage if possible.
  • Trim dead branches and cut down dead trees so they don’t fall on your home.
  • While indoors stay away from windows, doors, skylights and fireplaces.
  • During a severe storm use your cell phone but it is not safe to use your land-line telephone.
  • Stay away from shorelines and NEVER go out in a boat during a storm. If you are on the water and you see bad weather approaching, head for shore immediately.
  • If heavy rain is in the forecast ensure your eaves troughs discharge away from your house foundation and onto the lawn.
  • Never drive through flood waters.
  • Plan to stay off the roads during a severe storm. If you must travel do so during the day and let someone know your route and arrival time. Prepare an emergency car kit in the event you get stuck. Kit items; food that won’t spoil, water, blanket, extra clothing, shoes or boots, first aid kit with seatbelt cutter, small shovel, scraper or snowbrush, candle in a deep can and matches, flashlight, whistle to attract attention, maps and copy of your emergency plan. Trunk items; sand, salt or cat litter (non-clumping), antifreeze, windshield fluid, tow rope, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, warning light or road flares.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Preparedness for Severe Storms

  1. Sandra Wallace

    Excellent ideas! I am getting concerned about the number of times we are experiencing power outages. Does the town have any dialogue with CN Power about this? Also, is the Leisureplex still the town shelter if we are forced out of our homes?

    1. Town of Fort Erie Post author

      Hi Sandra – Thanks for the comment. During an outage, CNP will provide updates via twitter (@CNPpower). If you don’t have Twitter, CNP’s website (www.cnpower.com) displays its twitter feed. If an evacuation is required, the affect residents will be provided with instructions at that time. Hope this helps!

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