Fort Erie Seeks Assistance from Residents to Report Illegal Dumping

FORT ERIE, ON (Nov. 26, 2019) The Town’s operations staff is appealing to residents to report illegal dumping activities in Fort Erie. Recently, eight, 50-gallon barrels, containing toxic materials were illegally dumped on Town property. When illegally dumped barrels are found, Town staff work with an environmental contractor and the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks to ensure the contents of the barrels are removed and disposed of properly. Since staff was able to find and remove the barrels in a timely manner, the surrounding environment was not negatively impacted. 

Illegal dumping is the disposing of material in non-designated areas, such as public roads, ditches, public property, rural areas, vacant lots and in public litter receptacles. Items that are usually illegally dumped include:

  • Household garbage
  • Construction and demolition materials (such as shingles or scrap metal)
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Tires
  • Landscaping and yard waste
  • Chemical and medical waste (such as paint or oil)

Residents who witness or have knowledge of illegal dumping in Fort Erie are encouraged to report it to Crime Stoppers. Those who report illegal dumping will remain anonymous and will be eligible for a financial reward. Rewards are given when a report of illegal dumping results in either an act of compliance ($50 reward) or conviction ($500 reward). In 2018, Crime Stoppers recorded 755 reports; leading to 140 warnings issued. Any person found guilty of illegally dumping could be fined $500 or more under Niagara Region’s Waste Management By-Law.

To report illegal dumping, please call 1-800-594-5542 or visit

One thought on “Fort Erie Seeks Assistance from Residents to Report Illegal Dumping

  1. Sandra Wallace

    Most of this dumping is done in the dark of night. Time to invest in cameras to catch these perpetrators and fine them. Many of us who clean up other’s trash are sick of doing it.

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