Fort Erie Business Availability Map connects local businesses with customers

FORT ERIE (April 23, 2020) The Town of Fort Erie is working hard to connect Fort Erie businesses to their consumers. Using Geographical Information System (GIS) technology, Town Staff has developed an interactive map called the Fort Erie Business Availability Map (FEBAM).

FEBAM contains the most comprehensive list of all local businesses in Fort Erie with a physical presence (office, retail, warehouse, factory locations). It is an online business directory that includes easy-to-use search functions and direct links to contact information.

“The Town is taking a number of steps to help support the business community due to the impacts of COVID-19. Many of our businesses have closed their physical doors but are still very much operational,” said Caralee Grummett, manager of economic development and tourism services. “In order to help minimize the confusion regarding which businesses are open, closed or have modified their operations, we developed an online tool that will help businesses provide up-to-date information to their customers in real-time,” said Grummett.

FEBAM gives a local business the ability to claim and update its business profile to include important information such as business status (open/closed), hours of operation, delivery and curbside pick-ups, etc. Businesses that remain open will appear as a green dot, businesses that have restricted availability (i.e. delivery or curbside pick-up only) will appear as a yellow dot, and businesses that are temporarily closed will appear as a red dot. Grey dots indicate that a business is not claimed yet.

To view the Town’s Business Availability Map, please visit

If your business cannot be found in the directory or if you’re having trouble updating the status of your business, please contact Daniel Turner, economic development officer, at or 905-871-1600 ext. 2252.

Residents can visit the Town’s COVID-19 News webpage for Town updates, and should watch the Town’s social media channels or subscribe for Fort Erie COVID-19 alerts and breaking news.

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