Fort Erie Outdoor Washrooms Opening; Kinsmen Pool Remains Closed

FORT ERIE (June 24, 2020) As the Niagara Region progresses into Stage 2, some facilities will be opening in Fort Erie, while others remain closed for the summer.

Public washrooms are currently being opened. The following outdoor washrooms are expected to be reopened by end of week. 

  • Central Fire Station
  • Waverly Beach Park
  • Ferndale Park
  • Crystal Ridge Park (port-a-pottie)
  • Crystal Beach Waterfront Park
  • Bay Beach (also known as Crystal Beach)
  • Stevensville Memorial Hall Park

Enhanced cleaning protocols have been put into place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although Town Staff will be maintaining these washrooms, please continue to follow public health guidelines by washing your hands frequently and sanitizing high-touch surfaces.

In addition, the Kinsmen Pool, operated by the Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit, will remain closed this summer. New public health protocols could not be easily adapted into a 53-year-old outdoor pool at this time. Therefore, it has been decided to keep this facility closed for the safety of the community.

To read more about the Town’s COVID-19 response, please visit


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