Fort Erie Council Passes Open-Air Burn By-Law

FORT ERIE (September 25, 2020) On Monday night’s Council meeting, the Open-Air Burn By-law was passed.

“This by-law will reduce the number of burning incidents and nuisance burning complaints for our Fire Department. Our number one priority is to keep Fort Erie residents safe and with this by-law in place, fire safety will be enhanced for both the community and fire personnel,” said Fire Chief Ed Melanson.

The Open-Air Burn By-law is broken into 2 basic sections:

  • Open-air burns which may occur outside of urban boundaries typical of large property owners (i.e. farms), currently requiring a no-fee permit that is issued once the inspection has passed by a Fire Prevention Officer or Inspector.
  • Exempt fires that require no permits or inspections can occur within all municipal urban boundaries. Exempt fires are 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Permitted open burns outside the urban boundaries are to not occur 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise. Exempt fires include: cooking fires, propane cooking appliances (i.e. BBQs), wood-burning appliances (ie. Chimeneas), and small recreational fires burning clear, dry wood.

The by-law defines what can be burned, where it can be burned, as well as fire safety, and environmental limitations that would prohibit burning.

For more information on the Open-Air Burn By-Law, click here.

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