2020 road condition assessment complete; 2021 road resurfacing program now underway

FORT ERIE (February 26, 2021) The Town of Fort Erie recently completed a town-wide road condition assessment resulting in an approved three-year road resurfacing plan.  

“The updated road assessment allows staff to identify priority areas for maintenance, resurfacing and reconstruction.  It also allows the Town to better plan financially in that we know the condition of the roads and can plan for future works, which is a key aspect of asset management,” said Tom Kuchyt, CAO.

The assessment consisted of a visual pavement condition survey conducted to establish the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of each pavement section. The Town’s goal is to achieve an average PCI of 85 for minor arterial roads and a PCI of 80 for local and collector roads. 

The results of the 2020 roads condition assessment indicate that the overall condition of the road network is considered to be very good with a current average network weighted Pavement Condition Index of 76. 

“As the Three-Year Road Rehabilitation Plan is executed, there may be roads that move up the list if they require more immediate care. We will frequently reassess the roads in Fort Erie to ensure the appropriate treatment is applied at the appropriate time to maximize the life of the road,” said Kelly Walsh, Director of Infrastructure Services.

Visit letstalk.forterie.ca for an overview of the 2021 Road Resurfacing program. 


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