Public open house for cannabis legislation and policy study

FORT ERIE (February 26, 2021) Since cannabis was legalized by the Federal Government in 2018, Town Council has been discussing how cannabis production could be managed by the municipality through the introduction of a Fort Erie Cannabis Legislation and Policy Review.

“While the Town’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law regulate the production of cannabis, these permissions were originally created for licences related to medical production based on earlier regulations that were introduced in 2014,” said Kira Dolch, director of planning and development services.

“With the legalization of recreational cannabis, cannabis production is now permitted for commercial growth for both medicinal and recreational purposes. This means the Town’s current planning policies and by-laws need to be updated to regulate the full range of uses.”

In 2019, Town Staff engaged SGL to assist with developing a Cannabis Legislation and Policy Study. The study examines opportunities for the Town to regulate activities permitted under the Cannabis Act as well as identify changes to the Town’s Official Plan, zoning by-law and other Town policies to regulate cannabis production as a land use.

On Thursday, March 4, between 5 and 7 p.m., the Town of Fort Erie is hosting a public open house on Zoom to discuss the cannabis legislation and policy study to receive public feedback.

For more detailed information on the public open house and Cannabis Legislation and Policy Review, please visit Let’s Talk Fort Erie. This interactive website addresses frequently asked questions, identifies key study dates, provides an opportunity for your input and will help you stay informed on the project.

To provide comments or to attend the public open house, please contact Lindsay Richardson, MCIP, RPP, senior community planner, at 905-871-1600 ext. 2504 or at or visit: Let’s Talk Fort Erie.

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