Fort Erie experiences another record-breaking quarter for building permits

FORT ERIE (May 5, 2021) Recently, Town staff published information about Fort Erie’s subdivision status, building permit activity and by-law statistics for the first quarter (Q1) of 2021. 

Although permit value and the number of permits tend to be lowest in the Q1 compared to all other quarters, the Q1-2021 was record-breaking with 106 permits issued for new residential with a permit value of $40,747,500. The Q1-2021 was much more successful than Q1-2020, which consisted of 39 residential permits with a value of $12,056,000, making Q1-2021 an increase of 88 per cent in permits issued from last year.

“Our development, building and by-law report for the first quarter of this year highlights the extraordinary success in the Town’s operations and policy implementation,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop. “Our permit activity is at an all-time high and our community is continuing to meet and address the challenges of growth, despite the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In comparison to all quarters since 2016, this quarter turned out to be the highest ever in permit value and number of residential permits. The highest number of permits issued were in the Crystal Beach neighbourhood, making up 56 per cent of permits issued.

A total of 112 units of housing were created within 106 permits. The types of dwelling units created were 38 per cent single-detached dwellings, 54 per cent towns/row house and, six per cent apartments, two per cent semi/duplex. 

Staff continues to help the Town of Fort Erie grow and make a stronger community overall. Read the full Development, Building and By-law Statistical Report for the first quarter of 2021.


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