Town of Fort Erie committed to reducing non-revenue water

FORT ERIE (June 17, 2021) Over the past five years, the Town of Fort Erie has been tracking and understanding the best practices to reduce non-revenue water. Non-revenue water is water that is lost due to system leaks and breaks, water meter inaccuracies, system maintenance, water used for new development and water theft.

“Our water and wastewater staff is diligent in tracking unmetered water uses; repairing leaks in a timely matter; and, reducing metering inaccuracies through the meter replacement program. I’m happy to say that our efforts have led to substantial cost savings for the Town,” said Chris Pisaric, Water and Wastewater Manager.

Over the past five years, the Town of Fort Erie has reduced its Real Losses by $340,000 and our Total Water loss by $263,000. Real losses refer to any system leakages, water main leaks and breaks or leaking valves. Total water loss is the sum of Real Losses and Apparent Losses.

Several programs and initiatives have been put in place to accurately track and reduce non-revenue water in Fort Erie including the introduction of a new water auditing software from the American Water Works Association, testing decommissioned water meters to determine overall meter accuracy, annual leak detection programs that aid staff in resolving leaks that may not be visible at the surface and investing in new advanced distribution system monitoring technology to reduce leaks, monitor pipe bursts and extend asset life.

Read the full Annual AWWA Water Loss Audit report.


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