Cannabis Study recommends indoor cultivation only in Fort Erie

FORT ERIE (July 30, 2021) Council recently approved the Fort Erie Cannabis Legislation and Policy Review Study. The intent of the study was to consider enhanced regulation of local cannabis production, in addition to the provisions of the Cannabis Act.

One recommendation from the study states that commercial cannabis production in Fort Erie is permitted indoors only. Other recommendations consider requirements for a minimum setback distance from sensitive land uses,the prohibition of outdoor storage, prohibition of commercial production within a dwelling, requirements for additional studies, and more.  Please read the Cannabis Legislation and Policy Study Recommendations Reportfor more information.

In addition, the Town will be updating its Zoning By-law based on recommendations to define and permit two types of cannabis production: Licensed Cannabis Production Facilities and Dedicated Medical Growth of Cannabis. These two definitions clearly state that production can only occur within a fully enclosed building or greenhouse. 

Implementing these recommendations will give the Town better control of cannabis production through appropriate zoning regulations and site plan control requirements. 

A formal Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control By-law Amendment will be coming in September/October to recommend provisions for setbacks, storage, lighting, security, parking, etc. A public consultation process will occur in association with these proposed amendments.

For more information, contact Lindsay Richardson, Senior Community Planner, at / 905-871-1600 ext. 2504. 


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